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Girl smiling in field holding sandwich

I'm Mairi (she/her) from Manchester and this is a photo of me eating a sandwich. 

A bit about how we got here... LQCO is a passion project that I launched in February '23 and last year we hosted our first successful campout in Yorkshire.


I had always felt 'one step removed' from the queer community, not feeling queer enough to find my place.
I started looking for LGBTQIA+ social groups based around my love of the outdoors & camping as a way of meeting people
, but I couldn't find the type of group I was looking for. One thing led to another and I decided that meant I should probably just make one.

One campout at a time we want to create more inclusive queer spaces within the outdoor industry whilst fostering connection within our community. 

Little Queer Campout is a camping weekend that will give you new connections, help you try new hobbies and generally facilitate a bloody good time.  Come along!



Girl kneels smiling in front of flag

Whilst more queer spaces are emerging within the outdoors industry it’s still predominantly heteronormative and we strive to increase our visibility and take up space. 

We want to bring all members of the LGBTQIA+ community together and create an environment to strengthen and grow our connections to each other that live beyond the weekend. 


Girl roasts marshmallows on fire


Group of people swim in waterfall

Providing the support, knowledge and tools to make the most of being outside and connecting to nature. We’re a group that facilitates and supports new experiences.


We are an inclusive community, we welcome anyone who identifies with ‘Queer’ without discrimination. There is no judgement around how queer you should be or how ‘established’ you are within the community. We are for everyone, even if you don’t feel like you belong, we hope to show you that you do with us. 

We welcome anyone who identifies with:

  • Queer

  • Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay

  • Trans

  • Gender Non-Conforming

  • Intersex

  • Asexual



We do not tolerate any discrimination, including racism, transphobia, sexism, ablism, homophobia. 

Allies and Family Members 
Due to the limited availability of tickets for our events we are currently prioritising access for members of the community. As the campout grows, we would like to open this up to be ally-inclusive in the near future.


Reducing barriers 

We believe in reducing as many barriers as we can. We aim to have subsided tickets available for low income attendees. For those who cannot afford the low income tickets, those who are refugees or seeking asylum - we aim to provide free tickets based on a pay it forward scheme. 


We are also aware how scary it can feel to attend events solo. We operate a slack community platform which allows campers to talk or meet before the event. We also aim to pitch up solo campers near each other at the event.  We do however apprecite it can still be intimidating, so if you feel that you are unable to attend without an ally please contact us at and we will see how we can help. 


If you have access needs and are interested in attending a campout please email us and we can discuss further.

An access statement with details regarding our June campout can be found below:

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